Naturally delicious vegan fudge sauce and sugar alternative sweetened with fruit nectars

Wax Orchards® Vegan Fudge Sauce

Vegan, preservative free fudge sauce made from simple ingredients that come from nature and sweetened by fruit nectars. Contains pineapple and pear concentrate, cocoa powder and natural vanilla.

Classic Fudge

11 oz jar / $8.95

Oh, Fudge!

11 oz jar / $8.95

Gallon bucket (email for pricing)

Fudge Fantasy

11 oz jar (while supplies last) / $8.95

Peppermint Fudge

11 oz jar (while supplies last) / $6.95

Fruit Sweet® Natural Sweetener

A Natural Sugar Alternative - made only from fruit (pear and pineapple concentrate). Use 2/3 Fruit Sweet in place of sugar, and reduce other liquids by 1/3 the amount of Fruit Sweet used. To replace honey in a recipe, use the same measurement of Fruit Sweet in place of honey in the recipe.

Fruit Sweet

12 oz bottle / $12.95

Fruit Sweet

3.5 gallon buckets (call for pricing)

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